Unraveling the Enigmatic Charm of Unique “Bird’s Nest” Homes

The tea room for the thrill-seeking guests of the Japanese professor, Terunobu Fujimori, was built in 2004 on the top of a dry tree, in his own garden:

Naha Harbor Diner restaurant located in Okinawa, Japan, attracts all eyes at first sight, because it is located on an old upside down tree, up to 6m high:

The typical Russian dome architecture appears on the treetops in the middle of the forest like this? Architect Kobayahsi Takashi, a Japanese, wanted to create a very special space to harmonize with nature, so almost the entire house “squeezing” on the treetop is made of transparent glass:

At 6.4m above the ground, the children’s playhouse in the woods in Bridgton, Maine, USA is the place any child wants to go on summer vacation:

This treetop house is not ordinary at all, it belongs to the luxury room service of a 4-star resort in Wayanad, India:

To support the weight of the house above, American architect David Rasmussen had to recruit more supporting columns:

This house called Yellow Tree is located in Auckland, New Zealand, built by Pacific Environment Architects. The house is like a cocoon hugging the trunk of a tree. At the height of 40m, we can both enjoy a delicious dinner and watch the forest at night. It’s also interesting, isn’t it!

The tree house designer Baumraum is so famous in Germany for his impressive works, you can check with this tree house:

It’s hard to believe that a tree house has up to 10 floors, but when you go to Cumberland, Maryland, USA, you will quickly find the answer. This “big” tree house clings to a large oak tree and 6 small oak trees surrounding it:

This house is called Wilkinson Residence in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is made entirely of wood and rests on a large tree stump. The owner of the house has surrounded the glass so that sitting indoors can still enjoy the view outside conveniently and comfortably:

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