“Sailboat and the moon” Breathtaking beautiful pictures

These perfectly timed photos are a work of art


Fabulous Full Moon Photography To Keep You Fascinated – Bored Art

The moon has been a source of much fascination for the world from time immemorial.

The different ways that the moon is seen depends on the mindset and the thinking of the person who is doing the describing.

Those who are into science are interested in the moon for its influence on earth and the way lunar cycles affect the water bodies on our planet.

Then we cannot really blame the ancients who believe in studying the moon and to link it to the ways they affect the moods of individuals keeping in mind that most of our bodies have a huge water component.

The poetic and romantic among us compare the beauty of the moon to the beauty of a woman.

To photograph such an object is not something that is to be taken lightly.SUGGESTED NEWS

It can be compared to the momentous and magnificent world of mountain photography but it goes beyond that.

That is because the moon is something that emits some light and if you are into photography, then you should know that photographing something like that is not easy at all.



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