Owner Brought Her to Be Put Down, but the Dark Tale Behind Her Purple Fur Unveils a Troubling Past

Dr. Karri, an experienced vet at the “Vet Ranch” animal clinic, was scared to her core when she saw Violet, a little puppy with several bite wounds and purple fur. Violet’s owner said that when she submitted her to be put down, she was mauled by a larger dog.

Before being used to train combat dogs, many bait dogs are reported to be colored purple. Violet’s owner, on the other hand, said the purple fur was caused by a purple wound spray that was sprayed to her shortly after she was mauled. However, due to medical incompetence, Violet’s wounds festered for weeks, pushing her closer to death.

In this eye-opening video, Dr. Karri leads us through the intense medical treatment she performs on Violet. Violet suffers the arduous treatment process as the vet uses strong pain relievers and antibiotics to treat her many infections and abscesses. Violet has finally recovered from the septic stage after 12 days of close observation!

Violet’s unhappy and defeated attitude at the beginning makes the dog’s happy run at the conclusion all the more satisfying. She can hardly contain her appreciative smiles when she’s in Dr. Karri’s arms!

Violet was adopted immediately after she had healed completely. Her new mother, Kelly, and her Jack Russell doggy sister, Peanut, who is the same size as her, share her home. Thank you for making Violet’s life easier, Dr. Karri!

Dr. Karri is a fantastic miracle worker for Violet, as evidenced by the video below!

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