Mysterious “Ghostly” Phenomena Intrigue Visitors at Italy’s Castello Di Vezio

Scary “ghosts” “hover” throughout the grounds of the ancient castle of Castello di Vezio in Italy, making visitors here both nervous and excited.

Castello di Vezio is a castle located near Varenna and Perledo, northern Italy. This place is close to the romantic Lake Como. The castle was built in the late 11th and early 12th centuries and was restored several times in the following centuries. In the late 19th century and 1956, remains of tombs as well as weapons and armor were found in the area.

The castle also has dungeons built during the First World War. It also now has a large garden and a flock of birds of prey, kept by a local falconer. The castle has been open to visitors since 1999.

To impress visitors, many scary ghost statues have been scattered throughout the ancient castle grounds.

The ghosts are created with fabric and plaster. These “sculptures” only take an hour to dry completely.

Visitors to the old castle are very excited to see and take pictures with the “ghosts”. These rather creepy-looking plaster “ghosts” will break down when winter comes and snow falls. Therefore, they are remade every summer.

The construction of the castle is related to the will of Queen Teodolinda of Lombard, who spent the last years of her life in the area.

Surrounded by beautiful olive groves, this famous castle welcomes many visitors from March to November every year. It is also home to Italian art exhibitions.

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